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Completing Your Summer Bucket List at Alderwood Park

Completing Your Summer Bucket List at Alderwood Park

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Recall the summer? Those carefree days when everything seemed possible and the world was your oyster? As you wear layers of clothing and tons of snow, summer may feel like a distant memory to some people. Create a summer bucket list of camping experiences you want to do this year to get through these final winter weeks and focus on the good weather. It seems sensible to start this as soon as possible with:

Make a Splash at a Water Park

Spend the day having summer fun at a waterpark. Make visiting a waterpark this summer a must, regardless of whether you live close to one or need to travel there. Just don't forget your sunscreen!

See A Movie Outdoor

Enjoy some delectable popcorn while you watch a movie outside under the stars away from your apartment living. This is a ton of fun to do over the summer if your town has an outdoor cinema or if you can make your outdoor movie theater. You get extra points for bringing some delicious food.

Sit By a Cozy Fire

Spend time over a cozy campfire with friends and family. Make a secure campfire with your talents, then test some interesting new s'mores recipes. To make amazing s'mores, use your imagination with various chocolate bars and combine different components.
Increase the pleasure by sharing ghost stories with friends or family over the campfire. Print some scary short stories on the internet, choose some from a book, write your own story, or improvise as you go.

Vacation For the Summer

Small villages are the perfect places for last-minute summer getaways because they are frequently just a few hours drives from major cities. So, prepare for the summer vacation and spend a weekend exploring one you haven't been to before.
Making a summer bucket list will help you plan how to fill your summer break with lots of enjoyable activities.

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