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Get Ready for Spring Cleaning in Your Alderwood Park Apartment

Get Ready for Spring Cleaning in Your Alderwood Park Apartment

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Spring cleaning often involves both decluttering and organizing your home. For residents of Alderwood Park Apartments, they could take the opportunity to clean out their spacious closets and pantry. Many of the residents choose to clean their private patio during spring cleaning. It's best to divide spring cleaning into two categories and take a task from each category to get started.

How to Declutter and Get Ready For Spring

Before organizing your home, it's necessary to declutter spaces like closets and cabinets. Start by cleaning out the pantry and throwing out anything undated or stale. Next, move on to the closets of your home, as this is the perfect time to go through winter clothes and accessories and donate anything you no longer wear or anything that no longer fits. Also, take the opportunity to go through seasonal decorations and holiday home decor before packing it away for the year.

Tips and Hacks for Organizing Your Home

Because you're already cleaning out other winter items, take the opportunity to clean out the linen closet and donate any winter bedding that is no longer being used or has passed its' prime. While getting the bedding sorted for donation, you can organize the remainder of the linen closet and free up storage space.

Any oversized quilts or blankets can be placed in vacuum-sealed bags and stored until the following winter to free up shelf space. This is also a good idea for heavy coats and sweaters that take up valuable closet space during warmer months.

Outdoor Decor and Patio Space

With warmer weather here, it's the perfect opportunity to clean the patio of your home thoroughly. Any outdoor decor or furniture that isn't used or is no longer in good shape can be donated or thrown away. If you are in the market for new outdoor decor, visit the What A Room in San Jose, and browse their local collections for ideas and fresh art pieces.

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